September 8

This Virgo is wholly grounded in reality. You have a somewhat suspicious nature, and rarely take any situation or person at face value. Yet in an odd dichotomy, you have little interest in anything spiritual or mystical — here and now is what matters, not something unproven. That rather concrete perspective is strengthened by the birth number of 8, which puts both feet on terra firma and keeps them there.

Personally and professionally, you are a what-you-see-is-what-you-get individual. No one ever has to question the meaning behind your words or actions. You've made everything abundantly clear from the get-go. Actually, this makes friends, family, and coworkers all the more respectful and could earmark someone who's a natural born leader. Having a Capricorn decanate improves that aptitude by providing this Virgo with a strong work ethic, enthusiasm, and precision.

In love, this Virgin isn't very spontaneous. You prefer to pace relationships and keep emotional growth neatly under control. Of course, relationships rarely prove to be that steady or regulated, which makes our Virgo rather nervous. It would be best to avoid signs like Gemini which are all about ongoing change.

Gift idea: a pocket watch.

Being detailed oriented, it's not surprising to discover that Virgos are very picky about their clothing. Many prefer timeless cuts that stay crisp and travel well. Elegance is preferred over drama, and gentle, practical colors win out over shocking hues (especially earth tones). You will rarely (if ever) find these people wearing torn pants or stained shirts, even when cleaning. In fact, if you peek in the closet or the drawers, you're likely to find even socks neatly matched and pressed for success!

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