September 3

Where many born under Virgo have highly critical personalities, people celebrating birthdays today break that mold. Life has taught you that adaptation is the name of the game, and you are great at it, perhaps a little too good. If you aren't careful you could begin to lose your identity to a group or situational mind.

As one would expect with a birth number 3, you're a very upbeat person. You manage to maintain your emotions with practiced control — except when someone threatens those you love or a cherished project. Then all hell breaks loose and everyone with an iota of wisdom gets the heck out of your way! Rather than automatically go into warrior mode, however, you'd do well to use your words. You've got the ability, and may even have pursued a career in writing or speaking, so why not use it?

With family and friends, you are very faithful and protective. Love isn't quite so simple, however. You have a dream of what true love should be, and it's a rare person who can measure up. Additionally, you aren't overly monogamous by nature, meaning any partners have to be truly liberated souls.

Gift idea: handmade writing paper.

Historical Events in September: WWII Begins in Poland (September 1, 1939); Viking II lands on Mars (September 3, 1976); George Eastman patents film camera (September 4, 1888); McKinley shot at the PanAmerican exposition (September 6, 1901); Elvis first appears on Ed Sullivan Show (September 9, 1956); Lassie debuts on TV (September 12, 1954); first edition of New York Times published (September 17, 1851); Sandra Day O'Connor appointed to Supreme Court (September 21, 1981); Neptune discovered (September 23, 1846); West Side Story first appears on Broadway (September 26, 1957); Nuremberg Trial finds twenty-two Nazis guilty of war crimes (September 30, 1946).

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