September 24

You are everything positive a Libra was born to be — inventive, artful, charismatic, outgoing, fair, strong, and sensitive. And while that packaging would make some people egotistical, you feel no need to lord your positive attributes over others; rather, living them is your goal. The phrase “walking your talk” definitely applies in your life — you don't say it unless you mean it, and plan to be a role model afterward. Bravo!

People sharing this birthday usually have a buoyant perspective. You can see splendor and potential in the oddest things, something that the birth number of 6 adores! However, you might turn into a gloomy Gus when confronted by people who choose willful ignorance and hatred over more positive emotions and ambitions. Normally, that angst disappears around the age of twenty-five, but it may return periodically to nag your sense of right and wrong. With this in mind, it wouldn't hurt to seek out situations that resonate with beauty, such as working in an art gallery.

In relationships, keeping the peace is a central concern, but because you are even-handed to begin with, that's usually not too difficult. When dating, you keep a safe but interested distance until trust develops. In romance, potential mates should be prepared for a very entertaining partner.

Gift idea: a bouquet of wildflowers.

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