September 18

Those celebrating a birthday today have a very private side. While your charm and charisma make you the center of attention, there are many times you wish you could just hit the “off” switch and get some peace. You need periodic retreats from the hustle and bustle because you see and feel too much (thanks to the birth number 9 whispering all those truths in your ear). On the other hand, the humanitarian nature of your birth number makes it hard to say no. The best advice here is to remember that saying “yes” to your sacred Self sometimes means saying “no” to someone else, and in your case, it's very important for mental well-being.

In the professional realm, you could obtain mundane success, but often find yourself attracted to loftier goals. You may turn to religion and spirituality, or perhaps charitable causes. While the Virgo sensibility still requires making enough to cover bills, the idea of being rich when others are so needy is disdainful, as is any type of wastefulness on people's part. Would that such a person ran the government budget!

In relationships, the Taurus decanate stands out, demanding harmony and cooperation. You don't manage well in chaos, and shouting probably sends you right up the wall. Your partner needs a soft, sensitive voice and diplomatic skills to help manage the home.

Gift idea: create a special private space in the home just for them!

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