September 15

You are a heart-and-home Virgo who truly enjoys having a pristine living space. But that doesn't mean plastic covering the furniture. Rather, your home is a reflection of good taste, artistic sensibility, and order. You truly feel that all else in life runs more smoothly when personal living spaces provide comfort, function, and structure against the world's chaos. Within this region, our Virgo loves to have company, nitpicking over their needs and desires, and of course showing off the latest edition to the home's décor! All of this detail makes the birth number 6 very, very happy indeed. Taking pleasure in beauty is what this number is all about.

Those sharing this birthday put just as much effort into their jobs. You take pride in being a good worker and giving your best daily. Better still, your natural charm and inventiveness get those efforts noticed. It probably won't take long before you're well on your way to raises or promotions no matter what career path you've chosen. However, because you have an eye for potentials, you might consider career counseling or job placement as options.

Come the end of the day, you want to return home to a genuine, loving, and stable partner (not to mention a peaceful family). Arguing at the dinner table is a huge faux pas no matter who you are!

Gift idea: a tea-rose bush complete with windowsill planter.

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