October 23

Happy birthday Scorpio! Being on the cusp means that you've got the highly confident and mysterious demeanor of the Scorpion, and the irrepressible social charisma of a Libra. This naturally attracts people to you — you're a bit of a curiosity, and you like it that way. It gives you time to get perspective and sort through the signals you're getting from those higher senses that you've grown to trust.

In business today's Scorpio is clever, prudent, and persistent. Challenges don't daunt your resolve; if anything, a good challenge inspires greater brilliance. Once you're engaged and committed, you've got the devotion and ambition to see things through. Consequently, you often find yourself in a leadership position, even unwittingly. You would thrive in a career in social services or alternative medicine. These types of people-oriented positions appeal to today's birth number of 6, which governs humanitarian sensibilities. Alternatively, 6's love of beauty could combine with the Scorpion's huge aura for a viable career in performing arts.

In relationships, you are typically flirtatious, as are many born under this sign. Nonetheless, there's a very emotional being here, one who uses the flirting game to determine who's really serious and can't be easily deterred. Additionally, this back and forth hones communications and gives you time to scope out the overall vibes present.

Gift idea: a dowsing kit.

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