Different Systems, Different Energies

Not all systems of numerology ascribe the same energies to a number. Here is a list of some of the various interpretations:

  • China — masculine and celestial. Hebrew — the “I am.” Islamic — total completion. Pythagorean — Spirit, the essential spark of all things.

  • China — the feminine number. Alchemy — opposites like the sun and moon, or male and female. Plato — a relationship (or partnership). Kabbalism — self-awareness and wisdom.

  • Aristotle — beginning, middle, and end (a full cycle). Global mythology — various trinities (diversity in unity). Folklore — number of wishes and frequently important for curing. China — lucky and sacred number. Hebrew — divine intelligence. Hindu — creation, preservation, and destruction (as part of each other).

  • Western mysticism — the corners of creation and elemental powers. Buddhism — the tree of life and directional guardians. China — earth and immortality. Egypt — time's passage. Hebrew — kindness and astuteness. Pythagoras — justice.

  • Eastern mysticism — the senses. Buddhism — the heart. China — blessings. Greek — love and relationships (a positive omen for both). Kabbalism — fear. Hebrew — unforgiving strength. Islam — the pillars of faith.

  • Western folklore — health, beauty, and good fortune. China — as above, so below (axiom). Hebrew — creation. Pythagoras — serendipity, fortune.

  • Buddhism — ascension, paradise. Christian — fasting and sacraments. Egypt — the fates. Greece — a number sacred to Apollo, Minerva, and Pan. Hebrew — understanding the mysteries. Islam — perfection. Pythagoras — the cosmos.

  • Western esoteric traditions — regeneration, paradise. Buddhism — achievement, conclusion. China — manifestation. Hebrew — perfect mindedness. Hindu — celestial and earthly order. Pythagoras — stability, foundations.

  • Buddhism — ultimate spiritual manifestation. China — the wheel of time and life (this also seems to be true in Celtic regions). Greece & Rome — the muses. Kabbalism — foundations. Scandinavian — wisdom.

Use any of these additional meanings to further personalize each day and provide more insights.

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