November 9

This Scorpio has incredibly strong convictions and a warrior spirit to match. Ever bearing a sharpened sword and tongue, you can act very quickly, with confidence and energy. You've got a nose for problems and aren't content to sit on the sidelines waiting for trouble to come. Consequently you're probably attracted to careers in the military and law enforcement.

Today's birth number is 2, meaning that if you share this birthday your courageous endeavors are often aimed at what seems to be a contradiction — making peace! You'll break up a fight between two beefy guys without thinking that one is much larger than you. Likewise, you'll take disruptive problems to the CEO without worrying a bit about your position. People recognize that you only put your time and energy into situations where dilemmas threaten to spiral out of control.

Speaking of control, it's good for you to have regular physical activity to help burn off some of that fire-in-the-belly — a fire that burns in the bedroom too. This Scorpion can go all night long and part of the next day and not be totally satiated. So, if this is your partner, take your daily vitamins!

Gift idea: a sword cane thrills the warrior spirit.

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