November 25

You are lead by your heart and pushed back and forth by emotions. Like the ocean, you wax and wane, hot and cold, happy and sad — sometimes over a week, sometimes in seconds! Keeping up with you is nearly as difficult as with a changeable Gemini, but at the same time you're terribly fun loving and really know how to have a good time, so most people who really care will stick it out.

Those sharing this birthday may exhibit warning signs of an addictive personality. Part of this happens because of an overall dissatisfaction with the life you see before you versus what you believe can truly be. That's perfectly normal for the birth number 9, but it's also very dangerous if not kept in check. One way to offset the yearning for unhealthy things is by traveling — see the world and what it has to offer. Go to sacred sites around the globe and come to understand why they resonate with your soul.

In love, you really want a person of depth who will go the distance and not just give up when the road gets bumpy. But that person also has to be one of passion with enough of an adventurous spirit to “come with,” be it to Boston for tea (followed by Japan) or to Florida and swimming with the dolphins.

Gift idea: tickets to a sci-fi convention.

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