November 19

You have a very high rate of success in whatever you undertake. Part of that comes from the birth number of 3 that makes you very appealing to individuals and groups. Your happy demeanor is contagious, especially when coupled with your enigmatic charisma and an ever-versatile Cancer decanate. Don't be surprised if people gawk — your aura enters rooms an hour before you do!

You probably like to talk, which is something that today's birth number supports with keen communication skills. Careerwise, this may manifest in sportscasting, politics, or even standup comedy. On the other hand, you should not allow yourself to limit life options to small stages. You have a huge potential for influencing a bigger picture, and could easily get into global affairs in positive ways. Such ambitions are optimistically supported by the birth number of 3, which also provides a little go-to!

As for love, you want a little bit of a challenge. Lovers should play hard to get … just a little. Be mysterious. Pretend you're a secret admirer — this Scorpion will love it! There is plenty of room for whimsy and youthful enthusiasm in this relationship.

Gift idea: flowering plants.

Carrying topaz supposedly protects the bearer from the evil eye and stomach disorders. It has also been carried to attract wealth, quell anger, inspire happiness, and improve loyalty. Egyptians felt that the sun god, Ra, colored the stone, making it highly protective. Romans similarly assigned the gem to the sun god's (Jupiter's) domain. In Greece people used it for strength. While a lot of topaz is yellow, it also comes in peach, brown, and orange, and some of the rarest gems are red. Topaz is relatively hard, but a strike at the right angle can split it.

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