March 25

For an Aries, you have strong Piscean overtones that leak through from the last celestial cycle. Where most Rams focus on the present, you sometimes allow your daydreams to interfere with what you might otherwise accomplish. Why? Because you want the happy, peaceful images your mind creates as an escape. There are advantages to this rich imaginative life if you learn to apply it in a career like fiction writing and screenplays, but you cannot live in your imagination to avoid the pressures of daily reality.

Around the house you surround yourself with mementos, either personal or historical. There's something to be said for all these trinkets. You actually see human and personal lessons reflected in each — lessons that should be integrated and applied to make a better world (the world in your dreams).

Take care that your fantasy life doesn't ruin promising relationships. It's perfectly normal to have unspoken desires, but you don't want your mates feeling like they have to measure up to some mythic and impossible ideal. Instead, share stories with your lovers; weave them into your dream! Read poetry together, learn dirty dancing, and generally find ways to express a little of that rich inner vision. That will keep your life very exciting and spicy, indeed.

Gift idea: sturdy shoes so you can keep one foot in the real world.

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