March 20

While you are very kind and compassionate, you struggle to be understood by others. In part that's because you typically don't self-actualize until close to midlife (meaning there's no clear identity that's easily communicated to others).

You often act with good cause, but end up doing all the wrong things. That's somewhat normal for cusp born individuals, as the energies from two different signs pull equally. The quick reaction time provided by a birth number 5 isn't a great ally either. You jump quickly, but usually right into trouble.

You have aptitude with organization, but worry that you're not good enough. This, in turn, leads to accepting positions that truly are beneath your talents simply because they provide a comfort zone and a reasonable income. That impulsiveness can lead to dead-end jobs that you'll end up hating but will stay with in order to feel secure.

Impulse and security issues rear their heads in relationships too. Don't be so clingy, and don't think that every affair is the last! You're very worthy of love and loyalty and owe it to yourself to find what makes you truly blissful, not merely content.

Gift idea: an incredibly bright skirt or tie to appeal to the birth number 5's sense of whimsy.

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