March 2

You likely have a knack for social graces. There is little room in your life for rude, inconsiderate, or willfully ignorant people. That outlook developed from rather turbulent personal experiences, but it serves you well nonetheless. Daily reality is much happier and more productive when others who share your discretion and intuition surround you.

Your Piscean nature manifests in a tendency to allow others to steal your thunder. Your biggest life lesson is not simply discovering your power, but keeping it. Opportunists see your abilities and hope to take advantage of them, without giving you any credit!

People find you very charming, with a definitive bearing that seems to imply “take no prisoners” even though you have a heart of gold. The external reserve acts as a safeguard not only for your sensitive emotions, but also against those unhealthy things (or people) that cause you to flounder. That means it takes a while to get to know you. Anyone wishing for a long-term relationship needs a little patience and a willingness to give to that relationship as much as they receive.

Gift idea: savings bonds.

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