March 19

You are very professional and career oriented, but it has to be in the best position where you can use all your charisma and persuasive power. The determination and work ethic present in a birth number of 4 nicely complement these wonderful traits. People see you as graceful, vividly present, and talented. The stage or something that provides a hint of glitz is terribly appealing. A career in theater, TV, or radio might be just the ticket!

Your home always includes theatrical touches. A playbill from a beloved musical, posters of Singing in the Rain, or a Mardi Gras mask are among the eclectic items one might find here. This ambiance gives you a space in which to explore all facets of yourself. Eventually, usually around the age of forty, you'll find the perfect starring role, possibly by marriage.

As with most stagehands, you are a little insecure and often hide behind various facades until trust builds. The person who gives you love and loyalty will receive just as much (if not more) in return.

Gift idea: a makeup kit or movie memorabilia.

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