March 16

It's natural for you to feel overwhelmed by emotion; it's typical of your birth sign. You need to dig deeper, look longer, and adjust your perspectives to control the sea of feelings that threatens to drown you. Turn to your birth number of 1 for a new perspective and the determination to stick to a more global outlook. Release the things you don't need so you can embrace a more positive lifestyle.

You have the capacity for truly proactive vision and enough charisma to put it into action. When in this mode, you get on swimmingly well, especially in fields like advertising and design, where timeless appeal or futuristic innovation really sells the product. The birth number of 1 is a great helpmate here, offering all kinds of unique, creative insights.

At home you are rather private. Being home calms emotional turmoil and encourages a renewed sense of purpose. You are not likely to be a great housekeeper or entertainer, but you make a wonderful housemate, often putting the needs of others first. This is also true in long-term relationships, if you can overcome past scars that inhibit deep commitment, and can refrain from being overly philosophical about everything.

Gift idea: a CD of nature sounds (like the ocean or waterfalls).

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