March 11

You thirst after the spiritual or mysterious aspects of life. Deep in your heart you know that Fate has called you to something different, challenging, and yet utterly wonderful. As a child you mystified your parents and teachers alike by being too otherworldly, intuitive, astute, and/or wise beyond your years. Later in life these same characteristics inspire trust and confidence from associates and loved ones alike.

The energies inherent in the birth number 5 mingle well with your natural sense of purpose. In business this may manifest in things like creating a wholly new gadget, developing a fresh idea for reforming an outmoded structure, or implementing a highly successful mode of adult education (just for starters). Honestly, you can do nearly anything, so long as the foundations are already in place for that project.

Your interpersonal relationships are as dynamic as your concepts. You'll surround yourself with brilliant, spiritual, sensitive souls who feed and inspire others.

Gift idea: a copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull or the Dali Lama's writings would be apt.

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