June 6

Ever the playful diplomat, you have the unique ability to get everyone on the same page, using humor to level the field. With a naturally social personality, upbeat outlook, and genuine kindness, it's no wonder that you're popular. However, these personality traits aren't simply the happenstance of your birth date — you've worked hard to develop your presence, grace, and integrity. And while this description sounds a little too smooth to be believable, you have enough of a whimsical spark to put others at ease (thank your birth number of 3 for that gift!). If new acquaintances don't trust you right away, it won't be long before they do!

Considering today's suave energies, you might want to consider careers like wedding planning and gourmet catering — positions where you can turn on the charm and express your inventiveness. You are still a restless Gemini at heart and can't tolerate mind-numbing jobs.

At home, you like sensually stimulating decor, especially sound-making items like musical instruments or a highly refined stereo system. That Libra decanate demands a touch of refinement and beauty.

In love, you seek devoted, even-keeled partners who provide emotional and financial stability. You appreciate companions who seek self-improvement and quality living instead of quantity.

Gift idea: wind chimes.

What is a June bug?

June bugs are also known as June beetles, which is a general term applied to a variety of large insects that appear throughout late May and June. Because there's more greenery, this is the ideal time for the beetles to thrive, coming out at night and nibbling on young plants. Up until now, they were sleeping in the soil as larvae. The beetles have several predominant colors, including yellow, black, brown, and green. They fly when they become adults, and can live as long as four years.

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