June 21

Like most people born on the cusp, you have the benefit of mixing the traits from two signs. Your Gemini half can communicate (in fact, the phrase “gift of gab” comes to mind). Self-expression is something that energizes you completely. Make sure you can recognize when you're out of your element knowledgewise. It's okay to let someone else have the floor from time to time. Meanwhile, the Moon rules your Cancer aspect, making those discussions very emotive and changeable.

The talkative aspect of your personality could work to your benefit if you apply it artistically, like by becoming a newscaster or actor. Unfortunately, the birth number of 9 does nothing to prevent mood swings. Nonetheless, your uncanny insights often make all that chaos worth enduring.

You ideally want a personal space filled with sensual experiences. Bright and airy spaces scented with incense, textural furniture, and colorful art are common. Like a Gemini, you are a collector, often of antiques or oddities. And like a true Cancer, you prefer large kitchens and a wood-burning stove.

In relationships, you feel things very strongly. As a result you tend to avoid sappy partners who only feed your lunar changeability. Thus, you should find someone with a healthy portion of common sense.

Gift idea: a mood ring.

Solstice, the longest day of the year, arrives on June 21 or 22 annually in the Northern hemisphere. Many ancient societies celebrated this moment with a variety of rituals. In Egypt, for example, the Temple honoring Amen-Ra has one spot in which the Solstice light reaches the interior brightly. In China, observances were held in the Forbidden City, designed to encourage Yin (feminine) energy. No matter the region or culture, however, fire was always a central element to today's festivities. Some groups, the Celts for example, drove cattle through the smoke from ritual fires to ensure the animal's health. Others lit fires to honor the sun and encourage ongoing fertility in the land and its people.

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