June 1

You love the spotlight, and are happiest when the stage around you is busy and filled with admirers. You have a very fidgety spirit, and aren't likely to wait around if things aren't moving at your preferred pace. The birth number 7 could prove a great asset in slowing things down, by providing reason and foresight.

As with most Geminis, you're smart, typically in a highly refined area of knowledge. You can also explain this information effectively, thanks in part to the Libra decanate that gives versatility in communication. The only problem is that sometimes you become so verbally pointed as to come across as antagonistic, which is really not the case.

For relationship building, you have a rather naïve and youthful approach to friendship and love. Actually it's rather charming, and attracts a fair amount of wishful thinkers. Unfortunately, getting too close also scares you, so any long term partners require a lot of emotional fortitude and sensitivity.

Gift idea: a book of trivia.

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