January 3

You have the dominant attributes of both the Goat and the Bull (the symbol of Taurus). Forget retreat on anything — “never say never” is this Capricorn's motto. This makes it very hard for you to give up on a lost cause. As a result, you might spend a lot of time and energy for little in return.

On any given day you can be found out in the community doing something. Sometimes you really want to express yourself artistically in larger arenas, like the theater, and you have real creative aptitude just waiting to be tapped. Nonetheless, usually other people's needs or your personal duties keep you from taking that leap.

That overactive sense of responsibility isn't improved by a date number of four. The unending drive to complete things will be enough to send friends and loved ones into a tizzy periodically. They want some of your time, and tend to rank second on the never-ending “to do” list!

One way to unwind from work is to find something to play with mentally and physically. Direct all that nervous energy toward outdoor gatherings and activities, like playing Frisbee or volleyball on the beach.

Gift idea: things that encourage a little more lightheartedness every day.

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