January 2

As with all Capricorns, you are diligent and tenacious. If you trust in your aptitudes, the potential for business success is quite good. You have a strong mind that hungers for knowledge. Feed that hunger, honor it, and appreciate it — it's part of the key to unlocking all of this birth date's potential.

No matter the area of interest, you need goals and frameworks. You have no desire to act unless your energy is used effectively and generates real results. When things don't go along quickly enough, you might get frustrated and push your way forward, no matter the consequences.

There's a unique blending of energies between the numeric value of this date (3) and the Capricorn spirit: Three wants to cooperate as part of a team (share the glory), and the Goat wants to compete (center stage). So you might find yourself naturally attracted to team sports as personal hobbies or even a career, especially if you get to be the leader of the pack!

This divergence between number and sign isn't so positive for relationships and decision-making, however. You might find that your heart and head never quite agree. Worse, that pesky Taurus influence drives you to crave long-term intimacy, but then the Capricorn nature rears up with misgivings. It's easy to see where this can send mixed signals to potential partners! This is where the influence of 3 really becomes helpful. Use that upbeat expressiveness and humor as a coping mechanism when situations tempt a shutdown.

Gift idea: practical items. If it's both beautiful and useful, all the better.

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