January 14

A logical, knowledgeable, and upbeat person who seeks more than just money or prestige, you want to help make the present and future better. Thinking globally and acting locally are definitely part of your game plan. You never run away from difficult challenges, and with a Virgo decanate that's not surprising. Any project you begin gets checked and balanced every step of the way. While some Goats may want to charge directly to the goal, you feel that the devil is in the details!

Being someone of strong ethics and organizational ability, you would do well to ponder careers that focus on supervision, management, leadership, or communications. Your personology profile indicates an uncanny aptitude for persuasive speaking and writing. Couple that with today's birth number of 6 and you are likely to apply those talents in a humanitarian arena (for homelessness, orphans, ecological reclamation, and the like).

At home, you want a well-ordered reality. You keep both your home and body in excellent shape. Guests rarely, if ever, find anything broken or useless in this space. Even things of beauty (that a birth number of 6 added to your life) have some type of practical appeal.

Honest in associations, you can sometimes overpower a partner with unbridled truth. As you learn to use that skill more diplomatically, you make a very affectionate partner as long as the relationship isn't rushed.

Gift idea: a fine stationery set.

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