January 13

You often seem consumed with learning new things and then applying that knowledge or skill to real life. Your motto is: forewarned is forearmed (which you take to heart with proactive zeal). There will always be something you want to tackle or try. Stagnation makes for a very uneasy Capricorn. Additionally, the Virgo decanate whispers in your ear: initiate, organize, be direct, move it forward! You don't like to sit still, and may have difficulty relaxing.

For careers, you need something where you can lead the way to wherever your spirit sees a spark of potential. Not willing to be a copycat in the least, you are an original, with the discipline to bring your uniqueness into reality. So, Capricorns, look to jobs that focus on discovery and exploration as one means to achieve soulful satisfaction.

Today's numbers are 13 and 5, which don't play well together. Thirteen has an underlying negative tone that leaves gray clouds lingering around to darken the usually upbeat mood of Capricorns. Meanwhile 5 says, “Hey, get over it already — engage life!” This combination can make for a rather somber or erratic workaholic, and it's something you should guard against.

Relationships can be a dicey affair, since your moodiness and restlessness often overwhelm even the vast devotion you give to a partner. Also, your tendency to launch out on another quest just when things are getting serious makes it look like you aren't interested in a long relationship. Ideally you should find partners who have common interests where you can apply that energy together.

Gift idea: telescopes, microscopes — anything that unlocks a mystery!

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