February 9

The most difficult aspect of today's personology forecast is the need to discipline the stubborn Aquarian's free-spirited outlook. A birth number of 2 definitely becomes a helpmate here, providing some sense of order and timeliness when you want nothing more than to throw caution to the wind. You have a soul with great courage, charisma, and power, and it's hard to put a bridle on that!

You are sometimes prone to flashes of anger and instantaneous decision-making, but they pass quickly. This may leave you feeling regretful, but with Gemini in the picture, there's always going to be a clever idea for damage control. The birth number 2 comes to the rescue here in that it always seeks the most harmonious, stress-free path.

Your independentnature attracts you to multifaceted careers that require as little supervision as possible. Being a travel agent or money manager are two examples. Avoid anything too static or that requires you to answer to administrators. Following the chain of command is alien to your thinking.

With friends and family, you are kindly and empathic. When other people get too close, however, it can disrupt your course and take you in wholly unexpected directions (for boon or bane). Consequently, you may remain somewhat aloof until you can establish real trust in the relationship.

Gift idea: a calming CD of music or meditations.

Ancients sometimes called February's full moon the Snow Moon or Hunger Moon, especially in northern climates where weather was harsh, and food scarce. Other names for the lunar sphere in February include Trapper's Moon, Cleansing Moon, and Light Returns Moon.

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