February 4

You're a peculiar person with many grand ideas that may (or may not) get off the ground. The main problem is that your daydreams may occupy so much time that situations in daily life go unnoticed and unattended. In turn, your friends sometimes feel a bit neglected, and rightly so. Try to avoid high-maintenance acquaintances or pets! That's a recipe for disaster.

When considering careers, spending so much time wandering around your own head can be an advantage. If you apply that skill to any analytic or organizational element, there's a chance to bring some of those lofty concepts into reality. In particular, consider humanitarian pursuits, something the birth number of 6 appreciates and sustains. Make sure to balance these efforts regularly with some personal time for refreshment and renewal, otherwise that tendency to get caught up can run amok and you'll burn out before completing the goal.

Intense friendships and romance are definitely in the cards for you, but these interactions are hardly conventional. Expect a unique adventure every day! Aquarians stretch boundaries in life and love, and your partners can't be afraid of experimenting with whole new horizons in Self and in the relationship.

Gift idea: an assortment of gourmet, pre-packaged meals will allow you to keep busy with other things and still get a decent dinner.

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