February 3

Your birth date reveals you to be a highly physical being. While one sense (touch, taste, sound, sight, smell) typically predominates, everything you understand of the world comes through the senses. For example, those whose sense of touch is strongest will often seem touchy-feely to strangers and friends alike, while visual people become avid people-watchers. Today's birth number of 5 accentuates your sensual nature, motivating a gleeful zeal to experience those senses fully, especially if it results in something really interesting or unique.

At work, your trailblazing ideas and proclivity for sound research put you at the forefront of success and controversy. You see potential and find inspiration in a wide variety of genres, and you easily adapt to a transforming internal and external landscape. You rarely stumble. Instead, you're often misunderstood or so far ahead of the masses that it takes everyone else a while to catch up to the vision.

For downtime the Aquarian soul with Gemini decanate loves to play with words, or fiddle with highly unusual hobbies. You may be found figuring out a wall-size crossword puzzle, examining tidbits of trivia, or going on an urban caving expedition!

You are similarly eclectic in relationships. Because you're so friendly, folks are naturally attracted to you, but you have a natural dislike of being too engaged or tied down. If you marry, make sure to get regular times alone, which will allow you to regain your treasured sense of freedom.

Gift idea: items to add to your existing collection of oddities!

What is the traditional birthstone for February?

The birthstone for people born in February is traditionally amethyst. The word “Amethyst' comes from a Greek term meaning “precious purple jewel” (purple alluding to a wine-like color). During the Middle Ages many a feast hall cup was adorned with amethyst in the belief that so doing would keep the person who drank from the cup sober. Other amuletic attributes for this stone include protecting the bearer from thievery, plague, headache, and faithlessness. Overall, mystics considered it a stone that fosters peace.

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