February 22

Empathic and highly psychic, you may prove a bit moody and reclusive. Being around too many individuals at once causes emotional overload, and then you must retreat to sort out your thoughts. Those periodic hermetic moments prove very helpful to people in your life, as sometimes your knack for knowing becomes unsettling.

You're probably giving to a fault. You have a huge heart and a friendly personality, but sometimes there's a temptation to try and fix the whole world at once. The humanitarian drive inherent in the birth number of 6 adds to that enticement geometrically. Don't spread yourself so thin. Narrow down that “to do” list to two or three reasonable goals and focus on them until completion. Overall, you'll be happier with the results.

In business this Fish swims well in jobs that utilize all that sensitivity while maintaining some emotional distance. This doesn't mean being uncaring, but rather allowing the inner professional to take over. Examples include counseling, career guidance, and possibly even the clergy.

The intensity of feeling in the Piscean life means that you don't take love lightly. If it isn't exactly the ideal you want, the preference would be to go it alone and wait for just that absolutely right someone. Meanwhile, having periodic small social outlets suits the Fish just fine.

Gift idea: a psychic self-defense class.

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