February 20

You're idealistic and romantic, but also relatively goal-oriented and socially aware. This can lead to being overly sensitive to nearly everything and trying to satisfy every demand in life equally well. Stop being so worried about everyone else and start figuring out what you want to do — who you are in the depths of your being. Unlocking that awareness is your greatest challenge and your greatest means of success.

Routines make you crazy — if your life is a river, you're always swimming against the current — not to make some radical gesture, but rather to appease a personal sense of rightness. You never do anything halfheartedly, and you'll do everything to make the best of any situation! That determination (augmented by a birth number of 4) can sometimes be an anchor that keeps you from seeing what's truly a lost cause. The phrase “there's always hope” is like a mantra for you. You must be careful in career choices so as to not embrace start-ups and other iffy propositions that could destroy your valued security.

You are likely to want calm relationships with high-caliber people. You avoid confrontation, often sacrificing true happiness to maintain harmony.

Gift idea: a certificate for a self-assertion course where you can learn to communicate your needs without fear.

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