February 2

You are friendly, liberated, a bit mysterious, and goal-oriented. More than likely there's a spiritual side to your life that not only influences your thoughts and ideals, but pours out liberally into the work a day world. And as much as the Aquarian soul enjoys the company of others, your sensitive side brings about regular retreats to avoid overstimulation. Without that time, you are prone to burning out. This is doubly true when combined with a birth number of 4 that demands only the best personal efforts.

One of your lessons is learning the value of symmetry. You'll find yourself pulled equally toward land and sea, logic and flights of fancy, and other dichotomies. You must struggle to avoid becoming so engaged in the assessment process that nothing gets done! The birth number 4 adds to this problem and makes you likely to turn decision-making into a very complex matter, even over simple things!

Your air of ambiguity actually creates a good foundation where personal distance improves results. Optimum career choices include counseling, psychology, or anything requiring a combination of talking/listening skills. However, remember that with a Gemini decanate you are unlikely to stay with one job your whole life. Variety is a healthy spice — use it liberally!

In the arena of love, the need for security struggles with the Aquarian passion for personal freedom. You're probably a better friend than a life mate in that the Water Bearer tends to doubt relationship choices, and struggle with them even after a long, positive period in a relationship.

Gift idea: a divination system to help with those choices where resolutions elude you.

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