February 19

Today is cusp territory (depending on the year), which means that the Piscean insightfulness influences you. You're likely to see people for what they are, and tolerate no disguises. You also have a little Piscean insecurity that motivates your quest for perfection in every corner of life. When in a social setting you want to be the life of the party, something a birth number of 3 appreciates. Professionally you recognize and seize opportunity. The only downside here is that this effort comes from a timid space in your soul that never feels it's quite good enough.

You can think globally and even universally if so motivated. That means at both work and play you need to seek something that resonates with that vision. There's purpose to this plan, and it often ends with you at the center of attention, even if unwittingly (the birth number 3 nearly guarantees this happens regularly). Friends and coworkers alike may feel like you've stolen their thunder, but that's really not the case. This Aquarian had it all along and waited for an ideal time to let it rattle the rafters. And when you're given your second in the spotlight, you will inevitably share it and give credit where credit is due.

The person or people that you welcome into your heart want to be there and stay there. While you are picky about your partners, you're generous with pampering them and offer great amounts of rather surprising romance.

Gift idea: an antique map or globe.

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