February 1

The number 3 influences all your communications in a positive way. Consider working in fields that have a public facet, such as TV reporting, acting, motivational speaking, and other careers that engage an audience to suit your keen mind and quick reactions. Don't even try to catch this Aquarian off guard!

In both friendship and romance, you can size people up quickly. If there's potential there, you'll move forward, trusting your gut instincts every step of the way (rarely have you been proven wrong). On the other hand, you won't endure those who appear imprudent or unmotivated for any longer than absolutely necessary. To some people in your life this attitude seems cold, but intuition is one of the ways you protect all that's dear to you.

In the long haul, your associates know better than to box you into any type of mold or restrict you with “dos” and “don'ts.” Freedom is not just another word for you — it's a way of life.

Gift idea: a humorous movie or collection of jokes would be welcome.

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