December 14

You're creative and talkative, and you want to be sure your message hits home. The only problem is sometimes you forget to breathe and listen, and this makes other people uncomfortable or put off. Your challenge is to learn the art of two-way conversations, and realize you do not have to speak just for the sake of hearing your own voice.

You've got a very hungry mind and may become a perpetual student. You could well work as a spokesperson or announcer, putting that verbose nature to good use. Also consider guest lectures at colleges where you can meet like-minded people. Your dramatic Leo decanate will thrive in that type of atmosphere and help manifest the success you need to continue your personal quests. Additionally, your birth number of 8 won't be happy unless you provide yourself with some measure of security on which to depend when other plans fall through.

Your love life is pretty unpredictable. There's no question you want someone smart, savvy, sexy, and highly creative in bed. However, you are somewhat naïve in thinking that long-term relationships constantly burn at a high flame, and you can easily burn out with the wrong partners (ones who don't temper that passion and nurture stability).

Gift idea: prepaid cell phone minutes.

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