August 26

In typical Virgo manner, you absolutely love organization and structure. A good, well-conceived routine is a complete joy. People can set their clocks by your daily rituals. Mind you, those who live in the same space may find the lack of flexibility a little annoying, so learn to give a bit. Just as much as you need that routine, other folks have different ones that provide comfort too. In this, if you want a peaceful home, agree to disagree. Your birth number 7 can offer assistance here, blending logic with emotion and wisdom.

Speaking of home, when anyone visits your space they'll find it pristine, yet you demurely apologize for the “mess.” This Virgo will not tolerate clutter or disorganization. To help ease the tension this may cause, it's good for you to have one spot that you can detail to your heart's content. Within that space, you can express all that fastidiousness, neatly distracting from the messes of others.

Similarly, others must realize you are just as detailed in your professional life — having it all mapped out and scheduled long in advance. That's one of the greatest challenges for those sharing this birthday — learning increased flexibility to meet unanticipated situations. When the road has a pothole, or there's a detour, you become disoriented and depressed, sensing failure when it's not your fault — it's just life!

Relationships fare better, however, thanks to the amount of energy our Virgo gives to them. Like all else in your life, no detail is overlooked when it comes to a loved one, and no important dates forgotten.

Gift idea: a wooden filing cabinet.

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