August 25

You see life as a great opportunity to stretch, learn, and grow beyond what society or circumstances have placed before you. As a result, this Virgo sometimes gets into awkward situations, even dangerous ones, with the goal being “just experience it!” Worse, you have enough charisma to take tagalongs into potentially iffy conditions quite unwittingly. A birth number of 6 implies these situations may have very wonderful ideals behind them, but that doesn't make the effort any less risky. So the real question for this Virgin should be: is the risk worth the reward?

If you're celebrating a birthday today, yours is a life of synchronicity, and you've learned to run with those odd twists and turns of fate. However, let the more orderly nature of your birth sign bring your brashness back under control and give you the ability to adapt to all that uncertainty, using wisdom and discrimination as effective guides.

You easily find love and lots of admirers. For some people this would lead to being rather superficial and facile in relationships — but not with you. Although very real and personable once you choose a partner, it might be hard to stay faithful with all those wishful thinkers about. The chance for unfaithfulness increases with jealous or overly controlling individuals (and in fact this partnering could prove disastrous for both parties).

Gift idea: a freshwater aquarium.

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