April 14

You seem out of place no matter the era or setting, which isn't surprising with a visionary birth number of 9. You are determined to sink or swim with your personal visions and boundaries intact. While this lands you in a lot of hot water, you also have a knack for communicating concepts and sponsoring causes effectively, as long as they're cutting-edge and proactive.

Thankfully you have a cheerful outlook about all this awkwardness, and a great aptitude for speaking powerfully about things you believe in. Consider pursuing writing or public-speaking careers in those areas that match your ethics.

You love music (of many varieties) and decorate with a touch of judicious class. You like beautiful things, but only if they're practical too (no waste!). There's no question that your space reflects your freedom-loving personality, but there's room for others to relax and be themselves there too.

In relationships, your need for independence can cause problems. Seek out similarly independent lovers and the relationship can blossom.

Gift idea: a portable MP3 player.

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