May 29

There are so many things you'd love to give time and energy to, but there aren't enough hours in a day to accomplish it all. While expending all that energy, you struggle to finish everything you start. Tie up loose ends and narrow your focus to achieve success and get those accolades you so desperately want.

You're likely to bend over backward trying to please others — a noble effort, but not terribly healthy. You should figure yourself out, and stay true to yourself rather than being a social chameleon. To achieve this goal, the birth number of 7 steps up to the plate with highly accurate instincts.

The desire to please spills over into relationships too. You'll steal fire from the sun for your love, even if you get burned. Consequently you should find a partner who offers the same amount of effort, and who makes it clear that it's the person (not the presents) that make this relationship special.

Gift idea: a sunstone.

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