Standard Sets

Most everyday pool games can be played with the standard set of balls. A standard set consists of fifteen numbered balls and one cue ball. Balls 1 through 7 are a solid color, while 9 through 15 have a striped color around the center and are white at their opposing poles. The 8 ball is solid black and is the only black ball in the set.


In every set, each numbered ball will always have the same color and the solids and stripes will always have the same color-progression. That is, the lowest-numbered ball in the solid set, the 1 ball, will always be a yellow solid ball and its companion in the striped set, the 9 ball, will always have a yellow stripe; the 2 ball and the 10 ball will share the same solid and striped color (blue), and so on. The color progression continues all the way through 15.

TABLE 5-1 shows all the numbered balls and their corresponding colors.

Table 5-1 Numbers and Colors of Billiard Balls






solid yellow


striped yellow


solid blue


striped blue


solid red


striped red


solid purple


striped purple


solid orange


striped orange


solid green


striped green


solid maroon


striped maroon


solid black

A set of fifteen pool balls consists of striped and solid object balls.

Specialty Balls

Although the standard balls are heavy-duty plastic with standard coloring, there are distributors who have a host of different kinds of object balls, just to make the game a little more interesting, and your home table a bit more unique than the average. Examples of specialty balls are those that have a faux-marble finish in different colors, or balls that have fancy numbers or decorative swirls. You may also see balls that resemble a deck of cards. These balls are used in a game called “poker pool” — you guessed it — a pool game that plays similarly to the card game. A favorite specialty ball is the “glow in the dark” ball. If you have teenagers, these object balls will be a big hit, especially if you set up a black light in the room.

For occasional cleaning of the balls, use a billiard ball wax from a billiard supply distributor. Do not use any other wax like furniture polish or car wax. You will ruin the cloth on the pool table.

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