No Jumping!

You will rarely be told that you can't employ a new technique you just learned, except when it comes to that jump shot. Jumping balls is considered a no-no in many establishments — especially if it is being done by amateurs. If the management knows you and feels secure that you know what you're doing, they generally will not say anything about it. Jump shots may distract other players and could damage the table.

But wait! You've been practicing this shot just to show it off in the pool hall, thinking that you'll impress all the other players. Well, this new skill is one you may want to keep under wraps in public places until you're sure you know what you're doing and that it's okay with the pool hall's rules.

Feel free to practice jump shots on your home table, but keep in mind that you could be causing some damage that will, in time, affect your play. Chips in the slate will stop the ball from moving smoothly on the cloth. If you do damage the cloth or the slate, be prepared to fork out some money for repairs. It can cost about $300 to replace the cloth and … gulp … as much as $2,000 to replace the slate. So you should never practice jump shots on a friend's table.

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