The Upshot of Romans

The writers of the four Gospels tell us about the words and works of Jesus Christ, but Paul tells us what they mean to those who would put their faith in him after his death, resurrection, and ascension back to heaven. It is through reading Romans that we come to an understanding of the meaning of Jesus';s sacrificial death on the cross as well as how that event should change the way we think and live.

It isn';t certain who founded the Roman church, but it is believed that visitors from Rome to Jerusalem for the Passover and Pentecost may have been converted then took the message of Christ back to Rome. Paul';s epistle to the Romans is believed to have been written around A.D. 54 or 55.

This chapter provides a study or overview of the first eight chapters of Romans. As you begin reading and studying this epistle for the first time, large portions of the first two or three chapters might seem a little dark — even hopeless. But don';t allow yourself to stop just because the early reading might seem like bad news. Make sure you read on so that you can more fully understand the Good News of the salvation God has provided freely through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

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