Taking It to Another Level

In an earlier chapter, you read about the different methods of studying the Bible. In this chapter you will find that there are just as many uses for what you study as there are methods of study, and that you can actually add layers to your Bible reading and study experience.

What you are about to read are simply things you can do with what you study or while you are studying the Bible. They are ways to make reading and studying the Good Book a more informative, useful, challenging, and personally rewarding experience.

Before you read on, a couple of notes. First, please understand that the material in this chapter moves Bible reading and study into a more spiritual direction. While simple reading and study of the Bible will touch your mind and spirit, the things in this chapter are meant to actually make the Word of God a part of you in a very real way.

Second, as you endeavor to make the things in this chapter a part of your spiritual life, it';s important that you spend time in prayer. Ask God to illuminate to you personally what the Bible says and what it means to you today. Ask Him to indelibly imprint what you read, hear, and see upon you so that it actually becomes a part of who you are. Now, read on and you';ll see how the words and messages in the Bible can come alive within you.

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