Community Helper Signs

There are a lot of people in baby’s world, and it would be next to impossible to try to label them all. However, there are a few that your baby is most likely to see on a regular basis, as well as to be fascinated by when he does see them. Some of these signs are difficult to form, however, so these are good signs to modify if you are practicing modified American Sign Language. Once your baby learns the signs, he will take great delight in demonstrating them as much as possible.


Firefighters are some of the many civil servants your child may come in contact with. The sign for FIREFIGHTER is shown in Figure 10–9.

FIGURE 10–9 Firefighter

  • 1. Open your hand, palm outward and fingers together.

  • 2. Tap your forehead with the back of your hand.

It is most likely that the firefighters your child encounters will be riding on fire trucks. He will probably be so focused on the truck itself that he will miss the people inside. If you find that this is the case, consider taking your child to your neighborhood fire station to meet the firefighters. Most will be happy to talk to you and your child and they may even offer you a tour of the firehouse or fire engines.


Unlike many of the people signs in this chapter, the sign for POLICE OFFICER, as shown in Figure 10–10, is relatively easy to form.

FIGURE 10–10 Police Officer

  • 1. Make the letter C with your right hand.

  • 2. Tap it against the upper left side of your chest, as if indicating a police officer’s badge.

Don’t overlook security guards as good models for the POLICE OFFICER sign. They usually wear a similar uniform that, like that of a police officer, is adorned with a shiny badge. To your baby, a uniformed security guard and police officer will be one and the same. So be on the lookout for guards at the bank, grocery store, and other places that you and your baby frequent together.

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