Boy Names That Begin With N

NABIL (Arabic) Noble.

NACHMAN (Hebrew) Comfort. Variations: Nahum.

NADIM (Hindu) Friend. Variations: Nadeem.

NADIR (Arabic) Precious.

NAGID (Hebrew) Leader. Variations: Nageed.

NAIM (Arabic) Happy. Variations: Naeem.

NAIRNE (Scottish) River glade. Variations: Nairn.

NAJIB (Arabic) Smart. Variations: Nagib, Najeeb.

NALDO (Spanish) Strong.

NALIN (Hindu) Lotus.

NAMID (Native American) Star dancer.

NAMIL (Arabic) To achieve.

NAMIR (Hebrew) Leopard.

NANDAN (Hindu) Happiness. Variations: Nandin.

NANDO (Spanish) Short form of Fernando. Variations: Nandor.

NAOMHAN (Irish) Little holy one. Variations: Nevan.

NAPIER (English) Keeper of linens.

NAPOLEON (Greek) Lion of the woods; (Italian) From Naples. Notables: General Napoleon Bonaparte; writer Napoleon Hill.

NARAIN (Hindu) Protector.

NARAYANA (Hindu) Man.

NARCISSUS (Greek) Daffodil. Variations: Narcisse.

NARD (Persian) Chess game.

NARDO (Spanish) Short form of Bernard.

NAREN (Hindu) Superior man.

NARESH (Hindu) Ruler of men.

NASH (English) Ash tree.

NASHOBA (Native American) Wolf. Variations: Neshoba.

NASIM (Persian) Breezy. Variations: Naseem, Nassim.

NASSER (Arabic) Victory. Variations: Naser, Nasir, Nassir, Nassor.

NAT (English) Short form of Nathan or Nathaniel. Notables: Singer Nat King Cole; freedom fighter/slave Nat Turner. Variations: Natt, Natty.

Begins With “da” and “de”

For boys, adding “Da” or “De” (or even “D plus an apostrophe”) to the beginning of a popular name creates a trendy new alternative. “Shawn” can become “Dashawn” or “Deshawn” or “D'Shawn.” Here are some other ideas.







Daquan (or Daquon)


Dashawn (or Dashon)








Should Your Son Be a Junior?

Making your son a “Jr.” is a personal choice. The upside is that dad's legacy is carried on. The downside is that Little Jimmy might get tired of being called that once the novelty wears off. Junior often grows up being compared to dad and this comparison might create a conflict for the son in finding his own identity.

NATAL (Spanish) Birthday. Variations: Natale, Natalino, Natalio.

NATE (English) Short form of Nathan or Nathaniel.

NATHAN (Hebrew) Giver. Notables: American soldier/hero Nathan Hale; actor Nathan Lane. Variations: Natan, Nathen, Nathon.

NATHANIEL (Hebrew) Gift from God. Notables: Writer Nathanial Hawthorne. Variations: Nathanael, Nathanial, Nathanie.

NAV (Hungarian) Name.

NAVARRO (Spanish) Land. Variations: Navarre.

NAVEED (Persian) Good news.

NAVEEN (Hindu) New. Notables: Actor Naveen Andrews. Variations: Naven, Navin.

NAYLAND (English) Island resident.

NED (English) Short form of Edward or Edwin. Notables: Actor Ned Beatty; Australian bushranger Ned Kelly.

NEDAVIAH (Hebrew) Charity of the Lord. Variations: Nedabiah, Nedavia, Nedavya.

NEHEMIAH (Hebrew) Lord's comfort. Variations: Nechemiah, Nechemya.

NEIL (Irish) Champion. Notables: Astronaut Neil Armstrong; playwright Neil Simon; singers Neil Sedaka and Neil Young. Variations: Neal, Neale, Neall, Nealle, Nealon, Neile, Neill, Neille, Neils, Nels, Niadh, Nial, Niall, Nialle, Niel, Niels, Nigel, Niles, Nilo.

NELLO (Spanish) Form of Daniel.

NELSON (English) Son of Neil. Notables: South African President Nelson Mandela; New York Governor and U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller; bandleader Nelson Riddle. Variations: Nealson, Neilson, Nilson.

NEMO (Latin) Nobody.

NEPTUNE (Latin) Roman god of the sea.

NERO (Latin) Strong. Notables: Roman emperor Nero. Variations: Neron, Nerone.

NESBIT (English) Curve in the road. Variations: Naisbit, Naisbitt, Nesbitt, Nisbet.

NESTOR (Greek) Traveler.

NETANIAH (Hebrew) God has given. Variations: Netania, Netanya, Nethaniah.

NEVADA (Spanish) Snow-covered. Variations: Navada, Nevade.

NEVILLE (French) New town. Notables: British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. Variations: Nevil, Nevile, Nevill, Nevyle.

NEVIN (Irish) Holy. Variations: Nev, Nevan, Nevins, Niven.

NEWELL (English) New hall. Variations: Newall, Newel, Newhall.

NEWLAND (English) New land. Variations: Newlan.

NEWLIN (Welsh) New lake. Variations: Newlun, Newlyn.

NEWMAN (English) Newcomer. Variations: Neiman, Neuman, Numan.

NEWTON (English) New town. Notables: Politician Newt Gingrich. Variations: Newt.

NICHOLAS (Greek) Victorious. Notables: Actor Nicolas Cage; writer Nicholas Sparks. Variations: Niccolo, Nichol, Nickolas, Nickolaus, Nicol, Nicolaas, Nicolas, Nikita, Niklas, Niklos, Niko, Nikolais, Nikolas, Nikolaus, Nikolo, Nikolos, Nikos, Nikula.

NICK (English) Short form of Nicholas or Dominic. Notables: Singers Nick Lachey and Nick Carter; actor Nick Nolte; writer Nick Hornby. Variations: Nic, Nicky, Nik, Nicki.

NICO (Greek) Form of Nicholas. Variations: Nicco.

NICODEMUS (Greek) Victory of the people. Variations: Nicodem, Nicodemius.

NICOLAI (Russian) Form of Nicholas. Notables: Russian writer Nikolai Gogol. Variations: Nikolai.

NIEN (Vietnamese) Year.

NIGAN (Native American) In the lead.

NIGEL (Latin) Dark. Notables: Actor Nigel Hawthorne. Variations: Nigal, Nigiel, Nigil.

NIKE (Greek) Victorious.

NILES (English) Form of Neil. Variations: Nyles.

NIMROD (Hebrew) Rebel.

NINO (Spanish) Child.

NIRAM (Hebrew) Fertile meadow.

NIRVAN (Hindu) Bliss.

NISAN (Hebrew) Miracle. Variations: Nissan.

NISHAD (Hindu) Seventh note of a scale.

NITIS (Native American) Good friend. Variations: Netis.

NIUTEI (Polynesian) Coconut tree.

NIXON (English) Son of Nicholas.

NOADIAH (Hebrew) Meeting with God. Variations: Noadia, Noadya.

NOAH (Hebrew) Comfort. Notables: Actor Noah Wyle; dictionary writer Noah Webster. Variations: Noach, Noak, Noe, Noi, Noy.

NOAM (Hebrew) Delight. Notables: Linguist Noam Chomsky.

NOBLE (Latin) Well bred.

NOBU (Japanese) Truth. Notables: Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

NODIN (Native American) The wind. Variations: Noton.

NOE (French) Form of Noah.

NOEL (French) Christmas. Notables: Actor/playwright/composer Noel Coward. Variations: Natal, Natale, Nowel, Nowell.

NOHEA (Hawaiian) Handsome.

NOLAN (Irish) Little proud one. Notables: Fashion designer Nolan Miller; baseball star Nolan Ryan. Variations: Noland, Nolen, Nolin, Nollan, Nuallan.

NORBERT (German) Bright. Variations: Norberto.

NORM (English) Short form of Norman. Notables: Comedians Norm McDonald and Norm Crosby.

NORMAN (English) Northerner. Notables: Writer Norman Mailer; TV producer Norman Lear; clergyman Norman Vincent Peale. Variations: Norm, Normand, Normando, Normen, Normie.

NORRIS (French) Northerner. Variations: Noris, Norreys, Norrie, Norriss, Norry.

NORTHCLIFF (English) Northern cliff. Variations: Northcliffe, Northclyff, Northclyffe.

NORTHROP (English) Northern farm. Variations: Northrup.

NORTON (English) Northern town.

NORVILLE (French) North town. Variations: Norval, Norvel, Norvil.

NORVIN (English) Northern friend. Variations: Norvyn, Norwin, Norwinn, Norwyn, Norwynn.

NORWARD (English) Guardian of the north.

NORWOOD (English) Northern woods.

NUMA (Arabic) Kindness.

NUNCIO (Italian) Messenger. Variations: Nunzio.

NURI (Hebrew/Arabic) Fire. Variations: Noori, Nury.

NURIEL (Hebrew/Arabic) Fire of God. Variations: Nuria, Nuriah, Nurial.

NYE (Welsh) Noble.

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