Sun and Moon: Ego and Emotions

The Sun is the very essence and energy of life — the manifestation of will, power, and desire. It represents the ego, individuality, the yang principle and is the thrust that allows us to meet challenges and expand our lives. The Sun represents a person's creative abilities and the general state of his or her physical health.

The Sun embraces the fatherhood principle and, in a chart, symbolizes a person's natural father and a woman's husband. As natural ruler of the fifth house, it rules children in general and the firstborn in particular. Leo is ruled by the Sun — fire.

The Sun spends about a month in each sign, with a mean daily motion of 59'8". It rules occupations of power and authority — royalty and religious and spiritual rulers. Its natural house is the fifth, and it governs the sign of Leo. It rules the heart, back, spine, and spinal cord.

Since the Sun also symbolizes authority and power, a strongly placed Sun confers leadership ability. A Sun that is badly aspected or weakly placed lessens the natural vitality and may make it difficult for the person to express basic drives and desires.

The Moon is your emotions — the inner you. It's intuition, the mother, the yin principle. Coupled with the Sun and the Ascendant, the Moon is one of the vital parts of a chart. It describes our emotional reactions to situations, how emotions flow through us, motivating and compelling us — or limiting us and holding us back.

The Moon symbolizes a person's mother and the relationship between mother and child. In a man's chart, the Moon represents his wife; in a woman's chart, it describes pregnancies, childbirth, and intuition. Symbolically, the Moon represents our capacity to become part of the whole rather than attempting to master the parts. It asks that we become whatever it is that we seek.

As Earth's satellite, the Moon moves more swiftly than any of the planets, completing a circuit of the zodiac in less than twenty-eight days. It rules activities and professions dealing with children and those that concern the sea. Its natural house is the fourth and it governs the sign of Cancer. The stomach, breasts, mammary glands, womb, conception, and the body fluids in general are ruled by the Moon.

What is an example of how the Moon defines you?

Your Moon represents your emotions — how you instinctively respond to things. For example, if someone says something nasty to you, how do you react? If your Sun sign is Leo, but your Moon sign is Gemini, chances are that you'll react, immediately, as a Gemini would. After the tension is gone, you'll go back to being your regal, Leo self.

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