Mercury: Your Intellect

Mental quickness. Verbal acuity. Communication. Your mental picture of the world. Mercury is the messenger; it speaks in terms of logic and reasoning. The left brain is its vehicle. Mercury represents how we think and how we communicate those thoughts. Mercury also is concerned with travel of the routine variety — work commutes, trips across town, weekend excursions, or a visit with siblings and neighbors — rather than long-distance travel.

Restlessness is inherent to Mercury because it craves movement, newness, and the bright hope of undiscovered terrains. Mercury often tackles something new before the old has been assimilated. On a higher level, Mercury seeks to understand the deeper connections between the physical universe and the divine.

Mercury orbits the Sun in about eighty-eight days. It goes retrograde every few months, and, during that time, communications and travel plans go haywire. Your computer may go down, lightning may blow out your electricity, or you may spend hours in an airport waiting for a flight that is ultimately canceled. Again, it's best not to sign contracts when Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury rules any profession dealing with writing, teaching, speaking, books, and publications. Mercury is the natural ruler of the third and sixth houses and governs Gemini and Virgo. It rules arms, hands, shoulders, lungs, the solar plexus, abdomen, intestines, the thymus gland, and the nervous and respiratory systems.

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