Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Keywords: Regeneration, transformation

Planetary Ruler: Mars and Pluto

Rules: Sexual organs, rectum, and reproductive system; natural ruler of the eighth house

Note the sharp point at the tip of the glyph that represents this sign. Symbolically, it's the scorpion's stinger, which characterizes the biting sarcasm often associated with Scorpios. These people are intense, passionate, and strong-willed. They often impose their will on others. In less aware people, this can manifest as cruelty, sadism, and enmity; in the more evolved Scorpio, this characteristic transforms lives for the better. Like Aries, Scorpios aren't afraid of anything. But they have an endurance that Aries lacks that enables them to plow ahead and overcome whatever opposition they encounter.

Scorpios don't know the meaning of indifference. They tend to live in black and white worlds, dealing with either/or issues. They either approve or disapprove, agree or disagree. You're either a friend or an enemy: there are no shades of gray. Once you've gained a Scorpio's trust, you've won his loyalty forever — unless you hurt him or someone he loves. Then they can become vindictive enemies.

Scorpios possess an innate curiosity and suspicion of easy answers that compels them to probe deeply into whatever interests them. They dig out concealed facts and seek the meaning behind facades. Most Scorpios are exceptionally intuitive, even if they don't consciously acknowledge it. The more highly evolved people in this sign are often very psychic, with rich inner lives and passionate involvement in metaphysics.

Scorpios are excellent workers: industrious and relentless. They excel at anything associated with the eighth house — trusts and inheritances, mortuaries, psychological counselors, and the occult. Sometimes they're more passionate with their work than they are with the important people in their lives.

Scorpio Woman

She smolders with sexuality. This is a woman who turns heads on the street, who walks into a room filled with strangers and instantly grabs attention through nothing more than the power of her presence. If you seek to win a Scorpio woman's heart, you'd better be up front and honest right from the beginning. If she ever catches you in a lie or if you hurt her, she'll cut you off cold.

She's a passionate lover and can be jealous and possessive. You won't ever figure out what she's thinking or feeling just by the expression on her face, unless she's angry — then watch out! Her rage takes many forms — an explosion, sarcasm that bites to the bone, or a piercing look that makes you shrivel inside.

If her intuition is developed, it borders on clairvoyance. This inner sense often shines forth in a Scorpio woman's striking eyes. As a mother, the Scorpio woman is devoted, loving, and fiercely protective. She strives to create a comfortable and loving home for her kids that can also be a refuge from the outside world.

Scorpio Man

Like the female of the sign, he's intense, passionate, and very private. There is always something compelling about a Scorpio man — his eyes, the way he dresses, or the enigma of his presence. He isn't just a flirt. He often comes on like a locomotive with sexual energy, radiating so powerfully that he's difficult to ignore even if you aren't attracted to him.

The Scorpio man often has a marvelous talent of some kind that he pursues passionately, but which may not figure into his income. In others words, his talent is his avocation — music, art, writing, acting, astrology, or tarot cards. Or, he may pour his considerable talent into nurturing his own children.

Many Scorpio men (and women) enjoy sports. They have a distinct preference for more violent sports like football and hunting. Their choice of sports is sometimes a reflection of a personal struggle with emotional extremes.


They make excellent actors, detectives, spies, even teachers. There's just no telling where all that rawness of perception can take a Scorpio. One thing's for sure, though — his work follows his passion.


Scorpios are masters at using other people's money to build their own fortunes. This is as true of a Mafia don as it is of a Wall Street entrepreneur.

Scorpio attaches no moral judgment to it; this is simply how things are. In return, Scorpios can be extravagantly generous in charity work or anonymous donors to worthy causes. Your Scorpio may even rewrite the last act of your rejected screenplay and get it to sell big-time.

Physical Traits

All Scorpios seem to share the same compelling, intense eyes. Regardless of body height or size, they generate a powerful sense of presence and usually have low, husky voices. Due to the unusual will power inherent in the sign, Scorpios often work to the point of exhaustion. Any illness usually has a strong emotional component.


Some Scorpios take to organized religion like a duck to water. They like the ritual and the sense of belonging. Others, however, delve into unorthodox belief systems seeking spiritual answers. Whatever form spirituality takes for a Scorpio, he or she brings passion and sincerity to the search.


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