Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

Keyword: Balance

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Rules: Lower back and the diaphragm; natural ruler of the seventh house

Librans seem to come in three distinct types: those who are decisive, those who aren't, and those who seek harmony for its own sake. The typical Libra seeks to mediate and balance. Librans have an inherent need to act democratically, diplomatically, and fairly — always.

In love, Libras are natural romantics and flourish in enduring partnerships. They are fair-minded people, but avoid anything that is grim, crude, vulgar, or garish. Adversely afflicted, they have trouble making decisions and may lose themselves in sensual pleasures. In highly evolved Librans, the human mind finds the perfect blend between balance and discretion.

They love beauty in all its guises — art, literature, classical music, opera, mathematics, and the human body. They usually are team players who enjoy debate but not argument. They're excellent strategists and masters at the power of suggestion. Even though Librans are courteous, amiable people, one should never presume that they're pushovers. They use diplomacy and intelligence to get what they want.

Libra Woman

Watch out: She's a flirt who is seductive and romantic, and she bowls you over with the small luxuries she brings you. If she cooks, she probably does it well, using herbs and seasonings. She sets the mood, too, with candlelight, fresh flowers, and soft music. She's a romantic, tender lover who enjoys companionship and flourishes in partnerships.

Her home reflects her refined tastes in art, books, and good music. She may not be extravagant and probably doesn't squander the money she has, but she derives enormous pleasure from whatever she buys. If she likes opera or the ballet, she attends regularly; these extravagances feed her soul. She may play a musical instrument and may have a fondness for chess.

Libra Man

He needs companionship, just like his female counterpart, and generally works better as part of a team. But he also needs to retain his individuality in any partnership, which may be quirky at times. Once you've won his heart, he's loyal and considerate and seeks to perfect the union.

He enjoys pleasant, harmonious surroundings in his work and personal environment. He often finds himself in the role of peacemaker simply because he seeks balance in all things. He shares many of the same artistic interests as his female counterpart.

A Libra man rarely expresses anger. He'd rather work around whatever problems crop up. But if he lets loose, he leaves nothing unsaid! Every transgression and hurt is spelled out. Although his anger passes quickly, such outbursts leave him shaken and sometimes ill.


The Libra's obvious choice for a profession is an attorney or judge because of his finely tuned sense of fair play. Librans generally excel in any profession that calls for an acutely balanced mind and sensitivities. They make good editors, musicians, accountants, artists, and parents. The work itself is less important than what it teaches Libras about making decisions, in spite of their ability to see all sides of an issue.


A sense of balance allows Libras to strike the right note between spender and miser. Libras tend to save, but they enjoy spending when they can afford it. Most Libras know their limit.

Physical Traits

As a Venus-ruled sign, these people are usually physically distinctive in some way — compassionate eyes or well-formed bodies. They tend to be slender, very attractive, and seem to know instinctively how to bring out the best in their companions. Since Libra rules the lower back and diaphragm, unvented emotions manifest first in those areas of the body. Libras benefit from physical exercise, particularly anything that strengthens the back and maintains general flexibility.


Evolved Libras understand instinctively that they must unite human duality with divine unity. They seek idealized balance; the perfect equilibrium. For some, this is accomplished within the parameters of organized religion. For others, spirituality is sought through community efforts or in their immediate family.

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