Element: Earth

Quality: Cardinal

Keywords: Materialism, self-discipline

Planetary Ruler: Saturn

Rules: Knees, skin, and bones; natural ruler of the tenth house

Capricorns are serious-minded people who often seem aloof and tightly in control of their emotions and their personal domain. Even as youngsters, there's a mature air about them, as if they were born with a profound core that few outsiders ever see.

This sign's nickname, the goat, represents Capricorn's slow, steady rise through the world. They're easily impressed by outward signs of success, but are interested less in money than in the power that money represents. Like Scorpio, they feel the need to rule whatever kingdom they occupy whether this is their home, work place, or business. Like Scorpios, they prize power and mastery over others, but they tend to be subtler about it.

What's a relatively unknown fact about Capricorns?

They're natural worriers. Even when they've taken all the precautions they can possibly take, Capricorns fret that they've forgotten something. They can benefit from the idea of “perfect faith” — that whatever they do will work out fine. Unfortunately, it's hard to convince a Capricorn to just sit back and not take action, even when there's nothing to be done immediately.

Capricorns are true workers — industrious, efficient, and disciplined. They deplore inertia in other people. Their innate common sense gives them the ability to plan ahead and to work out practical ways of approaching goals. More often than not, they succeed at whatever they set out to do.

In a crowd, Capricorns aren't particularly easy to spot. They aren't physically distinctive the way Scorpios are, and they aren't the life of the party like Sagittarians. But they possess a quiet dignity that's unmistakable.

Capricorn Woman

At first glance, she appears to be tough as nails — a determined, serious woman who seems to know where she has been, where she is, and where she's going. But when you get to know her, you'll discover she's not tough at all — she's merely guarded and reserved. Don't expect her to welcome you into her life with open arms. You have to prove yourself first.

As a mother, she's devoted and often runs her home with the efficiency of a business. Due to the Saturn influence on this sign, the Capricorn woman can sometimes be too rigid with her spouse and children. She expects a lot and, supported by other aspects in her chart, may enforce her will to the point of dominance.

This woman has certain parameters and boundaries that she simply won't cross. She isn't the type to throw herself recklessly into a casual affair. Once you've proven you're worth her while, she'll open up emotionally, and her depth may astonish you. She plays for keeps in love. She has a soft spot for animals, which often bring out the best in her because she opens to them emotionally.

Capricorn Man

He's well prepared for any journey he undertakes, and it doesn't matter whether the journey is physical, emotional, or spiritual. He doesn't like surprises. He shies away from getting involved in people's lives, and this detachment allows him to focus on his goals. As a boss, he can be dictatorial. As an employee, you won't find a harder worker. He enjoys the company of vivacious women, perhaps because they make him feel lighter and less driven. Once he's committed, he tends to be monogamous. Life seems to improve for him as he ages because he has learned that discipline is not nearly as important as compassion.


Capricorns excel in any profession that is structured, such as engineering, medicine, editing, politics, ceramics, building, architecture, and leatherwork.

Their strong desire to succeed is colored by traditional values and a conservative approach. In some Capricorns, these traits make them exceptionally good workers who progress slowly and successfully toward their goals. With other Capricorns, the tradition and conservatism hold them back.


Thriftiness is the hallmark for Capricorn finances. They build their finances the same way they build their careers: one penny at a time. They do seek status and the acquisition of material goods that reflect what they seek, so they may go through periods where they overspend.

Physical Traits

Capricorns aren't the body-builder types. But because they are Earth signs, they generally appreciate the benefits of exercise and have something physical that they do regularly. Their knees tend to trouble them. Because the sign is sometimes repressed emotionally, Capricorns benefit by venting what they feel, which in turn improves their physical health.


Capricorns flourish within structured and firmly established parameters. Ritual speaks to them and inspires them. They bring the same serious efficiency to their involvement with spiritual beliefs as they do to other areas of their lives. In less evolved types, the expression of spiritual beliefs can manifest as dogma. In the highly evolved Capricorn, the soul clearly understands its purpose in life.

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