Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

Keywords: Order, detailed, dedication

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Rules: Intestines, abdomen, female reproductive system; natural ruler of the sixth house

The popular image of a Virgo is a picky, critical, and compulsively tidy person. This is misleading. If one or all of these traits manifest obviously, then the natal chart reveals other aspects that enhance this characteristic.

Virgos are like Geminis in terms of mental quickness and agility. Due to their attention to detail, they tend to delve more deeply into subjects they study. Even though they are career-oriented people, they seem to be more interested in doing their jobs efficiently and well. They're happiest when engaged in something that benefits society at large. In other words, duty is important to Virgos.

Virgos tend to be attracted to people who are intellectually stimulating or eccentric in some way. Their standards are high when it comes to romantic relationships, and unless the mental connection exists, the relationship won't last long. In their twenties, many Virgos fall for those who aren't quite good enough for them. They find critical partners or those who don't appreciate them fully — an unhealthy match.

Since Virgos, like Geminis, are Mercury-ruled, they need outlets for all their nervous energy. Running, martial arts, or workouts at the gym are recommended. Writing, pets, reading, and extra education can also serve this purpose.

Virgo Woman

Physically, she's distinctive in some way — intriguing eyes, exquisite facial bone structure, or meticulous grooming. She possesses a certain vibrancy and energy that other people sense even when she's not trying to project an image. In romance, she is attracted first when a mental spark exists. As the mental camaraderie deepens, so do her emotions.

The Virgo woman, like her male counterpart, is often insecure and tends to fret over everything. This trait usually evens out as the Virgo woman matures. It can be irritating to a significant other, particularly when her fretting turns to a constant critique of everything other people say and do.

A Virgo woman is usually aware of health and hygiene issues, especially when it concerns cutting-edge research. She may not always apply what she knows to her own life, but she has the knowledge. She's also aware of the world and pays attention to business and political issues. She can be a whiz at creating new business ventures if she puts her mind to it.

A Virgo woman enjoys spending money on items like books and pieces of art that strike her fancy. She's sensitive to her surroundings, so her home is always comfortable. If she's a mother, she's conscientious, tactful, and loving. She usually has a soft spot for animals, too.

Virgo Man

He looks good and possesses an indisputable presence. He's mentally quick, intellectually curious, and is an excellent worker. His humor is often biting but rarely malicious.

He can be quite fussy about his personal environment. This is the kind of man who insists on having his own bathroom or, at the very least, his own side of the bathroom counter. If he cooks, then he probably is quite good at it and possessive about the kitchen while he's creating. Like the female of the sign, the Virgo man enjoys pleasant surroundings and usually owns several special items that he keeps for nostalgia's sake.

He's prone to taking himself too seriously and benefits from any activity that forces him to lighten up. He's always hardest on himself, overly critical of what he does or doesn't do and can be quite critical of others as well. He rarely seeks praise for his efforts and, in the less evolved Virgo man, won't give praise even when it's deserved.


Virgos sincerely strive for perfection in their work and careers. They do best when working for others — social work, in hospitals, clinics, hospice programs, or with their children. The challenge in every area of a Virgo's life is to serve without self-sacrifice. Their striving for perfection compels them to evolve and change.


When Virgos are big spenders, they usually pull back at some critical point and question what they buy and why. What need does it fill? If they are tight with money, then something happens that impels them to loosen their hold — to spend money for enjoyment. Virgos follow an arc of evolvement toward perfection in everything they do. They analyze patterns in their lives and seek to change those that don't work.

Physical Traits

They usually have slender builds and are physically attractive. There may be a sharpness about their features. Since Virgos fret and worry so much, their physical ailments usually manifest first in their stomachs: colic in infancy, stomach upsets as a youngster, ulcers as an adult. But because Virgos are generally fussy about their diet and health, they grow into their own bodies with innate wisdom.


The evolved Virgo is capable of great vision and an intuition that often borders on prescience. They are likely to sample different spiritual beliefs until they find one that appeals to their eminently practical side.

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