Element: Fire

Quality: Fixed

Keywords: Action, power

Planetary Ruler: Sun

Rules: Heart, back, and spinal cord; natural ruler of the fifth house

Leos roar. They love being the center of attention and often surround themselves with admirers. To remain in the proud kingdom of a Leo, her admirers have to think like she thinks, believe what she believes, and hate and love whom she hates and loves. To a Leo, this is loyalty. In return, Leo offers generosity, warmth, and compassion.

Don't ever argue to change the opinions and beliefs of a Leo! You won't succeed, and the Leo will just get annoyed with you! As a fixed sign, Leos stand firm in their belief systems. They have found what works for them and don't understand why their beliefs might not work for someone else. In general, though, they are optimistic, honorable, loyal, and ambitious.

Leos have an innate dramatic sense, and life is definitely their stage. Their flamboyance and personal magnetism extend to every facet of their lives. They seek to succeed and make an impact in every situation. It is no surprise that the theater and allied arts fall under the rule of Leo.

Leo Woman

She's up front about what she feels and invariably is disappointed when she finds that other people may not be as forthright. You'll never have to guess where you stand with a Leo woman unless there's something in the aspects of her chart that says otherwise. She can't “pretend.” She can be diplomatic, but, if her heart isn't in it, she isn't capable of deceiving someone into thinking it is. She loves flattery and over-the-top romantic courtships. She is an ardent lover.

The Leo woman exudes confidence, and because of this, other people place their trust in her. And that's no mistake: Leo is loyal, to a fault. She needs to be at the helm in her workplace — a managerial position will do, but CEO would be better. She dislikes playing second fiddle on any level and would rather work from home than have to contend with working for employers whom she doesn't respect.

In a marriage, don't expect her to be content with staying home, unless she's running her business from there. If she's a mother, she's not just a mother. She has a career, hobbies, and passions. Because Leo also rules children, she may be involved somehow with children, even if she doesn't have her own.

She likes nice clothes and probably dresses with flair and style in bright, bold colors. Remember that she's an actress and adept at creating certain impressions and moods through the way she looks and acts. She's a chameleon. She likes order in her world, but it has to be her order.

Leo Man

Give him center stage, and he's at his best; tell him what to do, and he's at his worst. Once you accept that about the Leo man, he's easy to get along with because you really want to like this guy. He's warm, outgoing, and fun. Kids love him because in many ways he's like they are — full of magic.

People are attracted to him because they sense his leadership abilities. They like his frankness, abundant energy, and ambition. If you're a Leo's significant other, get used to sharing him with his “court,” whomever they might be. Rest assured, though, that if your Leo commits to you, he means it.


A Leo excels at work in front of the public. He's a great actor, orator, Speaker of the House, or CEO — a menial job won't do. Leos are good at teaching because the classroom becomes their stage, and their students become their audience. They make excellent writers, editors, and journalists. They also tend to be good with animals and enjoy training, caring for, and loving them.

Neither the male nor the female Leo do well in subservient jobs. They're born leaders. Give them distinction and the power to command, and they do the job exceptionally well. However, they'll growl and become belligerent if they're forced to cower to someone whom they don't like!


If Leo wants it, Leo buys it. If he can't afford it, he charges it. If his charge cards are maxed out, then he hocks his Rolex or his collection of baseball cards to buy it. Saving for a rainy day just isn't in the picture because, for a Leo, there aren't any rainy days! There are, of course, exceptions to all these generalities. A Moon in an Earth sign, combined with a Leo sun, would mitigate the flamboyance, particularly if the Moon were in Capricorn. But these are just details.

Physical Traits

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was the physical epitome of a Leo female with her compelling eyes, thick hair, and regal bearing. Leos generally benefit from low-fat diets because one of the weakest parts of their bodies is the heart. Exercise, even if on the light side, is needed to channel some of their abundant energy.


Most Leos were probably once sun-worshipping pagans in past lives. Now they're sampling everything else along the spectrum. Unless aspects in the chart indicate otherwise, a Leo isn't likely to stay within the confines of organized religion unless it suits him. If he does it out of obligation, then, in his mind, he's doing it for his kids. A Leo's greatest spiritual contribution comes when he expands beyond the parameters of the self and reaches for the universal.

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