Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Keyword: Leadership, the pioneer spirit

Planetary Ruler: Mars

Rules: Head and face; natural ruler of first house

Aries are bold, courageous, and resourceful. They always seem to know what they believe, what they want from life, and where they're going. Aries people are dynamic and aggressive (sometimes, to a fault) in pursuing their goals — whatever they might be. They're also survivors.

The challenge with this sign is lack of persistence: Aries people sometimes lose interest if they don't see rapid results. But this tendency is compensated for by their ambition and drive to succeed. They can be argumentative, lack tact, and have bad tempers. On the other hand, their anger rarely lasts long, and they can be warm and loving with those they care about.

Aries Woman

The bottom line with an Aries woman is that you shouldn't offend or anger her. If you do, she'll never forget it, and you won't see much of her after that. She'll turn her energy to someone or something else. If you're involved with an Aries woman, the relationship had better be one of equality, or she won't stick around. This isn't a woman who tolerates chauvinism.

In romance, the Aries woman's passions are fervent and sometimes all-consuming. She may even like sexual adventure, and the bedroom is the one place she'll allow — no, want — to be dominated. Suffice it to say that the Aries woman can get bored easily.

Professionally, she's driven. She sets goals and pursues them with all the relentless energy she possesses. She's great at initiating projects, launching ideas, and putting things into action. But she isn't particularly good at seeing a project or idea through to its completion unless she passionately believes in it. She can hold her own in most situations and certainly can compete with any man on the professional front. She exudes an aura of success and dresses to enhance that aura.

Aries Man

This man is as bold and brash as his female counterpart and just as impatient and driven. Thanks to his innate courage, he may recklessly take up daredevil sports. He wants to prove himself and takes unnecessary chances and risks.

He's an excellent executive — the kind of man who relies on his own judgment and intuition to make decisions. Like the female Aries, he projects a successful image even if he has failed at some endeavors in the past.

Some women may find the Aries man too audacious for her tastes, but life with him is never boring. This is the guy who, on a whim, flies to the Caribbean for a long weekend simply to see what's there. If he's got the money, he will absolutely spend it all. And no one is as creative as the Aries man when it comes to wooing a woman.

Once an Aries man is smitten, watch out. He brings his considerable energy to the relationship and pursues the woman in a whirlwind of romance. But if the emotion isn't reciprocated quickly, he'll be gone in a flash. On the other hand, if it is — and he falls out of love — he'll be out the door before a woman could even try to convince him to stay. He's not easily talked into or out of something. Once he makes up his mind, it's usually a done deal.


An Aries excels at anything in which leadership ability is paramount. These people like giving orders, and they're terrific at delegating responsibilities. They have numerous ideas and want to put them all into effect yesterday. As a fire sign, they pour energy into whatever they do. They aren't particularly interested in having power over others. They simply want the power to do what they want without restriction.


No two ways about it: Aries people spend money as fast as it comes in. An Aries knows something should be tucked away, but retirement seems such a long way off. And besides, money always comes in when needed! The challenge for an Aries is to develop the habit of saving.

Physical Traits

These people often have ruddy complexions, arched brows, narrow chins, and in men, profuse body hair. An Aries requires adequate rest and good nutrition to replenish all the energy he burns. He shouldn't eat much red meat and will benefit from herbs that belong to this particular sign: mustard, eye-bright, and bay.

Since Aries rules the head and face, these areas are considered to be the weakest parts of the body for him. Common ailments are tension headaches, dizziness, and skin eruptions. In fact, many Aries suffer from migraines and allergies, too. Also, because they're indulgent, Aries need to be careful of easily gaining weight. It's a good thing he's so active!


Aries is likely to sample a little of everything before deciding on which spiritual belief fits best. He might live in an ashram, delve into paganism, or even try out a more conventional religion. While involved with a particular spiritual path, he will be passionate about it. But unless his passion is sustained, an Aries will eventually get bored and move on to something new.

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